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Okay, somehow my recent journal entries are all ads in one sense or another. I promise to work on that. My next post should be about fanfic instead. ;-) So you can look forward to that or run for cover, as appropriate.

Zo. Apologies for those who were genuinely concerned about yesterday's entry. It's a humorous ad for a podiobook author I love, whose excellent book is now seeing actual print partly on the basis of his self-promotion abilities. It's perfectly safe to click. J.C. Hutchins is a sweetie of a geek, and would never hack anyone's journal. Kilroy 2.0, on the other hand....

Oh, it's also an ad for the radio plays at the Somerville Theatre. Don't forget that part!

Today's ad is for Conceptis Puzzles, which is going to switch to being a paid site in the next 24 to 48 hours. Which means that now is your last chance to register as a free user and play the whole range of new logic puzzles that appeared this week, and really see whether it's a site worth paying for. (I think it is. But as I have warned before, this site is addictive.)

(There will still be sample puzzles available after it goes paid, but to see the whole weekly variety at once, this is easier.)
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I listen to the Slice of Sci-Fi podcast, and it gets so much voicemail that's spawned its own separate episodes of the show. And this is a transcript of a fabulous 6-minute-long voicemail from the April 6 voicemail show (#51). It starts about 4.5 minutes in if you want to listen to yourselves. I would totally credit this or ask permission if I knew who to ask, but there's no attribution given. Forgive the SoSF in-jokes.

And this is for all the gamers: )
The part I will take away and use repeatedly is "Think carefully about who you'd switch sides for, but really dwell on who you would double back for." Heh.
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So, I've realized I spend more of my time these days listening to podcasts than watching TV. For me, that's actually pretty huge.

Mostly it's because I can listen to podcasts most of the time during the work day.

Anyway. Here are some podcasts I like. I'm curious who has fave podcasts not on this list, and even more, who has recommendations based on the podcasts I like. I've only linked some of them I thought might be harder to Google.

No Air America suggestions, please. I miss Morning Sedition, though.

Rough categorizations here:

  • News/documentary:
    • techie/science:
      • American Public Radio - Future Tense

      • BBC: Go Digital

      • Science Friday

    • other BBC radio:
      • Documentary Archive

      • File on 4

      • From Our Own Correspondent (one of my faves)

      • In Our Time (another fave)

      • Mark Kermode's film reviews

      • Today (Radio 4)

      • TX UnLtd

    • other US radio:
      • Media Matters with Bob McChesney

      • On the Media from NPR/WNYC

      • WGBH Morning Stories

  • Science fiction
    • Doctor Who: Podshock (haven't actually listened yet)

    • Escape Pod (if nothing else get Ep 25, The Great Old Pumpkin, first published by Strange Horizons)

    • Michael and Evo's Slice of SciFi (and if you like that you may want to check out their other podcasts)

    • PodcastWho (again, haven't listened yet)

    • Spaceship Radio

    • The Babylon Podcast (brand new, 3 episodes so far) Jeffrey Willerth is a host, and Stephen Furst guested in ep 2

    • The Signal (Firefly/Serenity)

    • the Battlestar Galactica commentary podcast

  • Other
    • Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase!

    • Fly With Me

    • Jonathan Coulton

    • The Onion Radio News


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