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Okay, somehow my recent journal entries are all ads in one sense or another. I promise to work on that. My next post should be about fanfic instead. ;-) So you can look forward to that or run for cover, as appropriate.

Zo. Apologies for those who were genuinely concerned about yesterday's entry. It's a humorous ad for a podiobook author I love, whose excellent book is now seeing actual print partly on the basis of his self-promotion abilities. It's perfectly safe to click. J.C. Hutchins is a sweetie of a geek, and would never hack anyone's journal. Kilroy 2.0, on the other hand....

Oh, it's also an ad for the radio plays at the Somerville Theatre. Don't forget that part!

Today's ad is for Conceptis Puzzles, which is going to switch to being a paid site in the next 24 to 48 hours. Which means that now is your last chance to register as a free user and play the whole range of new logic puzzles that appeared this week, and really see whether it's a site worth paying for. (I think it is. But as I have warned before, this site is addictive.)

(There will still be sample puzzles available after it goes paid, but to see the whole weekly variety at once, this is easier.)
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This evening, [ profile] rmd and I babysat for a 6-year-old, M, so that her parents could have a date night for their anniversary. She claimed to be very good at math, so after we Sudoku-ed for a bit, she asked our ages. Regis set her age as a subtraction problem which she simplified a bit for M. M then guessed that my age was somewhere between 20 and Regis's age (correct!) I told her that my age was also a perfect square, so she figured out the two possibilities and which one was correct.

Then I told her *her* age was a perfect number, and we defined that for her (perfect numbers). She asked me whether there were any odd perfect numbers, and I said if you didn't consider 1 one, then I didn't know. I'm glad to know I wasn't missing any obvious deductions there. ;-) She said that 1 and 0 are special numbers and often exceptions. She asked if primes could be perfect numbers and we thought aloud about that until she agreed that they couldn't.

I said I could think of one other perfect number that was fairly small, that she could count to within a minute. She said that meant a number up to 20, so I had to revise my statement slightly. She pounced on that with glee. "That's a clue!" and I had to admit that the number I was thinking of was higher than 20. We then played an arithmetic 20 questions as she narrowed in on what number it might be. (Is it over 30? Is it prime? (No, we'd already figured out it wouldn't be prime. Oh, right.) Is it odd?) Once she'd essentially figured out what number it must be, she wouldn't say it out loud; first she had to confirm it for herself by finding and adding up the factors, so she went around muttering numbers while she worked that out.

She needed help with division at several points, but she'd never outright ask the answer to the question she was working on, but would simplify it as best she could and then ask. So it wasn't "is 28 divisible by 4?" Instead she clearly found 28-(2*4) first and then asked "is 20 'even in 4s'?" Which is how the six-year-olds say it these days, I guess.

There was a rough spot where she thought 13 was a multiple of 3 and 5, and I had to keep track of all the factors and prompt her to add them up when she'd found enough of them to be interesting, but it was really an impressive bit of work. I wish I'd had someone to play numbers aloud with like that when I was a kid.

And then it was a couple minutes past her bedtime, so I read her a chapter of a Charlie Bone book while she used [ profile] rmd for a jungle gym, and then it was time for lights out. Hee.

Yay, proto-geek.
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I listen to the Slice of Sci-Fi podcast, and it gets so much voicemail that's spawned its own separate episodes of the show. And this is a transcript of a fabulous 6-minute-long voicemail from the April 6 voicemail show (#51). It starts about 4.5 minutes in if you want to listen to yourselves. I would totally credit this or ask permission if I knew who to ask, but there's no attribution given. Forgive the SoSF in-jokes.

And this is for all the gamers: )
The part I will take away and use repeatedly is "Think carefully about who you'd switch sides for, but really dwell on who you would double back for." Heh.
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Well, since I might have new visitors coming through, heya! Sorry I haven't been talkative lately. I plugged Conceptis a few times in the past in my journal. Perhaps that's where the link came from. I'm not sure.

(Context for friends is at , or to avoid having to log in, . It's kind of disconcerting to find a mini-screenshot of your journal on an unrelated page you visit regularly!)


Apr. 29th, 2004 12:01 pm
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[All gone, sorry: Anybody want a GMail account? (Google's new webmail service, with 1 Gig of storage--see for info.) I have 2 invites.]

Less seriously, anyone want to join Breedster? I am perhaps behind the curve, but I have eggs. :) It claims to be a social networking service, like Friendster and Orkut and all those, but really it's a little sim where you're an insect trying to eat and crap and breed with other insects. Oh, and avoid the diseases. (It's relatively easy to avoid the STD that exists if you check that your breeding partner's last mating was fertile, but there's no way I know of to detect and avoid eating diseased food.)

This is me:

So is this, actually, but this bug doesn't have any eggs yet:


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