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in the life of every Gilbert & Sullivan fan *not* born on the 29th of February...

when they realize they have passed Frederic in number of birthdays and there is no going back. It was his 39th today.

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Jun. 17th, 2011 04:03 pm
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EDITED to linkify review.

Two shows left! Tonight, and Saturday matinee. Claudia-Bob sez, check it out.

Theatre@First is in the second week of its performances of Equus, and it's a fantastic, intimate production. No giant horse puppets, no nudity... this is an up-close psychological drama that fits the intimate performance space (a church basement). I got home last night quite overwhelmed by it.

[ profile] dpolicar directed, [ profile] lillibet and a newcomer to T@F co-star... And this is the point at which I forgot I wanted to post before leaving the house. Hurray for restore-from-draft, but I won't be elaborating further while thumb-typing on my phone.

There's an excellent review in Bay Windows that I think really "gets" this production. Reserve tix for 8pm tonight or 3pm Saturday, and catch it before it's gone!
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If you get snow emergency notices from the City of Somerville, you know Tom Champion's voice. But you probably haven >>> [ WARNING ::: DATABASE ERROR ::: CONTENT OVERRIDE ::: SOURCE: EXTERNAL ] <<<

> source terminal location: UNKNOWN

> source terminal identity: UNAVAILABLE

> source login information: ENCRYPTED

> message begins

the post you are now reading is designed to dull your senses to THE TRUTH. do not live the life of the worker bee, the cog, the well-oiled piston in the MACHINE OF DECEIT!

there is a grand CONSPIRACY afoot. you have been taught to believe that you are UNIQUE, one of a kind. THIS IS NOT TRUE. long ago, a cabal of scientists created technologies to ensure that ANYONE'S MIND AND BODY can be duplicated.

human cloning isn't NEAR. it's already HERE. discover the truth at

you are being DECEIVED. break free from the cogs, flee the hive, become A PROPHET OF THE TRUTH!

kilroy2. was here ... kilroy2.0 is everywhere


't heard him like this before. Thanks, [ profile] cthulhia!


Sep. 4th, 2005 05:58 pm
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Thanks to [ profile] gilana for the tip about Arcadia. Went to see it Friday night with [ profile] rmd and enjoyed it immensely. It's just finishing its run at the Publick Theatre, an open-air theater off Storrow Drive. If Bostonish folks want to see it, it's closing tonight, sorry! but I do recommend it if you read this in time (it's a 7:30 show).
And similar open-air theater goodness with Comedy of Errors continues next week.

But I thought Arcadia was a particularly perfect play to see in such a setting, what with the geeking about the natural world and all. I love that play.
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Courtesy of [ profile] riba_rambles... at the Globe theater next month, they will be performing Troilus and Cressida in as close to the original pronunciations as they can. An audio sample is up on the BBC website, if you have RealPlayer.
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From the goodness.

Apparently, back in 1993, Anthony Head, Alexis Denisof, and John Barrowman were the stars in a production of Rope. Yes, Giles, Wesley, and Captain Jack (no, the other one) were all vibing homosexually at each other in a tense thriller play. Oh. My. God. I can't believe they recast it before it reached London!

Photographic evidence, links to reviews, etc. may be found at

If I could take a TARDIS to see any play... well, actually there are many ancient things that would be fascinating. But in the modern era, this would be second, right behind Sir Ian McKellan and Dame Judi Dench in Macbeth. At least that one I can see a video adaptation of....
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to find out whether certain Spamalot lyrics have changed recently.

Spamalot spoilers within )

Also, Alan Tudyk is filling in for Hank Azaria as Lancelot??? Eee! He might still be there when we see it for my brother's birthday. Wash! Eee!
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[ profile] rmd found this post about the power of showtunes against religious proselytizers. Enjoy!

And if you want to enjoy some showtunes, we both endorse WERS's show, 10 am - 2 pm Eastern time. Their streams are back, so you can tune in too.


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