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Recommended for 1) the awesome triple rainbow and 2) the awesome geekery by [ profile] wrog on where the heck the third arc came from.
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So, there have been news stories about this giant elephant robot in London, but they typically only have one picture from afar, which really doesn't do the whole occasion justice. Luckily, there are [ profile] fuchsoid's journal entries to fill in the gaps. Giant robot elephant! Giant puppet little girl! Who arrived in a steampunk wooden space capsule! And apparently the girl then got on a scooter, though there are no pictures of that.

... dude!

Off to enjoy local art now. Probably Mad Oyster and then Union Square today, since we've missed that area the last couple years.

EDIT: Other London pictures made it to Making Light. The official site. BBC galleries.
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being the first of several trip report posts

With Gordon, our guide, we go

My mom planned a wonderful trip to Scotland for us on the occasion of a gathering of Clan MacNeil on the ancestral isle of Barra (southernmost of the Outer Hebrides), and during the first couple weeks of August, that's where I was. Here we have one of my aunts with our most excellent tour guide, Gordon Ross. As you can see, he's capable of humoring the tourists. He's also a delightful singer, and a knowledgeable guide. He takes people on hikes, cathedral tours, whisky tours, you name it. In our case he drove us around much of the southern Highlands.

If you'd like to just browse the pictures, they're at

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Apr. 26th, 2004 05:02 pm
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And you thought Georgia O'Keefe was "bad".

The picture behind the cut is of a flower. It is nevertheless quite probably not work-safe:
Adult Floral Content )


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