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Thanks to [ profile] riba_rambles--I'd have gotten to this on the browncoat forums, but it could have taken weeks.

Joss Whedon posts about Summer Glau (Firefly's River) reading for Kitty Pryde in X-Men 3. It requires you to be logged in to read his post, but hey, anyone can join the browncoats and log in. But here's the body of his post, anyway, in typical weirdo Joss style. The context is, Lost's Maggie Grace was going to play Kitty but now isn't. Rumor is, Summer is being considered.

Here's an odd little story:

Summer did read for Kitty in X3. I know because she called me and mentioned she was going to and did I know anything about the character (there were no 'sides' to study -- they had to get them when they came in). So the girl I turned into sort of a superhero in my movie was going to read for the character that most influenced ALL my girl-heroes, Kitty Pryde. Karmically funky. Anyhoo, she called me after and said it was very emotional and kind of like when she read for FIREFLY, she just got into a very intense groove. She started telling me about the scene she read and that's when I realized WHY it was kind of like she read for FIREFLY. 'Cause (as you may know) it was a scene I wrote for Astonishing X-Men issue #5. I assume they just didn't have sides ready and used that but this was like a karmic moebius strip, it was just too folded in on itself. In this time of odd, I turned to beer. (No I didn't. Stay in school.)

I don't know what the X-peeps are looking for -- or even if that other girl has really dropped out -- but for my money, Summer would make a wonderful Kitty. (And I don't say that lightly.) As long as it doesn't interfere with SERENITY II: RICARDO MONTALBAN'S STILL PISSED -- or, much more importantly, SERENITY III: SO VERY NUDE.

I have shared my tail. (Lord, that's what I actually typed! I mean "tale"! What will people think of me?) No tail sharing. Oh so lame.

now off to make blinis!

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From the goodness.

Apparently, back in 1993, Anthony Head, Alexis Denisof, and John Barrowman were the stars in a production of Rope. Yes, Giles, Wesley, and Captain Jack (no, the other one) were all vibing homosexually at each other in a tense thriller play. Oh. My. God. I can't believe they recast it before it reached London!

Photographic evidence, links to reviews, etc. may be found at

If I could take a TARDIS to see any play... well, actually there are many ancient things that would be fascinating. But in the modern era, this would be second, right behind Sir Ian McKellan and Dame Judi Dench in Macbeth. At least that one I can see a video adaptation of....


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